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Monbulk RSL has re-opened however to due to COVID-19 restrictions apply to numbers of people inside and out as well as required vaccination status of attendees.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.

In the list below, names marked with * indicate the person was killed in action
and those marked with a # died of sickness or injuries and did not return home.


A'VARD Warwick Norman
# BARCLAY Charles William
BARRATT Edward Grosvenor
BARRATT Percy Clarence
BONHAM Reginald La Grand
BOWMAN William Richard
BOX Leslie Kenney
* BREWITT John William
* CAMM Robert Daniel Stirling
COLEMAN William Charles
COWEY James Picken
COWEY Robert Orlando
* CRAMER Albert aka Bert Reddaway
* CREMER Edward William
CRERAR Kirkley Alfred
CUTTEN Frank Augustus
DENNISON John Taylor
# EMBERSON William Charles
ENGLISH Michael Edward
FOUNTAIN Robett Samuel
FRASER Reginald Patrick
GILMOUR Allan Owen
HALLIDAY Thomas Joseph Hutton
Original Service Records Not found
HARBORD Hugh Herbert
* HARRIS William Charles
* HUGHES John Thomas Brammer
JAMES Joseph William Thomas
KAY Archibald Alan
* KAY James Ronald
LALAND George Gregory
LANE Frederick Arthur
LANE William Henry
LEAKE Cecil Sydney
LEE Thomas Francis
LILLEY Lawrence William Thomas
MARTIN Alfred Enest
MARTIN Joshua Henry
MARTIN Robert Box
MARTIN Phillip Greenaway
MARTIN Robert Phillip
MCALLISTER Charles Edward
MCALLISTER Harold Duncan
MCALLISTER Robert Walter
MCGILL Donald Augustus Clarence
MCLEOD Norman Leslie
MURRAY James Ernest
NATION Henry Evelyn
O'CONNOR Patrick Haplin
O'DONOHUE Dennis Alexande
O'DONOHUE James Arthur John
* O'DONOHUE Nicholas Joseph Frank
* ORANGE Stanley Clarence
# PARKER Herbert Thomas
PARKER John Goldsack
PARKER William Henry
* PAUL Andrew Cameron
* PETERSEN Carl Marius Henry
RANKIN Albert Silvester
REID James William
REID Leslie Figgis
* ROBERTS Francis William
ROBERTS Frederick Arthur
ROBERTSON Albert Henry
# ROYLE Hector Charles
RUSSELL Constance Eileen aka Adams
RUSSELL William Frederick
SIMPSON Kenneth Adam
SKEPPER Stephen Joseph
TANDY William Henry
TAYLOR Arthur Hartley
TAYLOR Charles William Alexander
TAYLOR George Henry
TURNER Arthur Lawrence
WATSON James Ernest
WINBERG Charles Oscar Emil
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