Library Forward with the FifthThe Monbulk RSL has two library collections. There is a first class collection of military books of nearly 900 items in the Military Library. There is also a heritage collection  -  the Mrs Aeneas Gunn Memorial Library. The heritage collection is the library Mrs Gunn established for the returned soldiers of Monbulk after the Second World War.

Some years ago both these collections were in a terrible condition. Work in recent years by the library sub-committee has achieved the long term goal of the RSL goal in making these collections more accessible to members and to the community.

The Military Library has been properly catalogued and can be accessed using the Victorian Collections website. This library is located in a separate room in the RSL building. The Mrs Aeneas Gunn Memorial Library is located in quite attractive glass fronted wooden cabinets in the Members' Room of the RSL and is available for browsing. Listing of this collection on Victorian Collections is currently a work in progress.

Access to records of both these collections is easy, simply click on one of the links below to access the records currently available on Victorian Collections for that library:

Each link opens in a new browser window and you can search for particular items or just browse. A full record is given for each item.

Library Darwins Air War

Library The Thirty Seventh

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