COVID-19 Notice

Monbulk RSL has re-opened however to due to COVID-19 restrictions for bars and clubs, 20 people indoors and 50 people outdoors is the maximum permitted.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.

D on D logoEach week of the footy season we publish the latest issue of 'Dave on Deck' where all news regarding the trials and tribulations of Monbulk RSL's footy tipsters are exposed.




Dave on Deck - The Complete Set (so far) - 2021

Need to check earlier issues to reminisce about the good times when you were leading, re-visit a past interview or just check that the scores haven't been fiddled?

You can view the 2021 issues so far here:

Dave on Deck - Issue 6 2021

Dave on Deck - Issue 5 2021

Dave on Deck - Issue 4 2021

Dave on Deck - Issue 3 2021

Dave on Deck - Issue 2 2021

Dave on Deck - Issue 1 2021

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